Snappy Little Archives... A Landing Point.

This is the home of Snappy Little Archives.  It's a landing point with this little intro as well as pertinent web links.  This project focuses on Colorado Front Range punk & indie music history from the mid 1990's to the early 2010's.  The original plan was to curate a book/compilation with a focus of 1996-2008 on Denver/Boulder punk history.  After some pondering and consulting, I decided it would be more fun to open up the focus a bit and curate a living project that continues to develop through social media, a bandcamp site, this blog and maybe even more.  This way Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs and everywhere in between can be included.  I like the idea of not being too constrained while still sticking to a loose framework.  Be sure to follow all the archive action and please feel free to propose a contribution!  There are so many stories to be told, memories to share, songs to hear and I want this to be an inclusive, community driven project.  Thanks for following so far!

Chuck Coffey
Curator, Snappy Little Archives
Head Honcho, Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings